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Is your WordPress website not passing the Core Web Vitals? The Core Web Vitals are a new and exiting Google Ranking Factor. 
Passing the Core Web Vitals will not only increase your conversion rate, it will boost your SEO and organic traffic as well!

Arjen Karel Core Web Vitals Consultant
Arjen Karel

I help companies fix the Core Web Vitals, set up robuust Core Web Vitals RUM tracking, improve pagespeed awareness and manage Core Web Vitals best-practice implementation

✔ 15+ years of experience in fixing PageSpeed
✔ Highly recommended with a proven track record
✔ I will analyze, explain, mobilize and implement an improved performance strategy

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Essential WordPress PageSpeed service & beyond

I have helped many WordPress sites pass the Core Web Vitals. For smaller websites I offer the Essential WordPress PageSpeed service where I will fix as many PageSpeed issues as your theme will let me without making changes on a template level.
For larger sites or when pagespeed is critical I offer the extended WordPress PageSpeed service where I will dive deeper into you PageSpeed issues, fix issues on a template or page level. For sites with multiple developers I offer direct developer team support.

Essential Wordpress PageSpeed service

Fix the most important pagespeed issues
  • Fix render blocking CSS
  • Add Critical CSS
  • Fix render blocking JavaScript
  • Improve image size + lazy loading
  • Lazy load iframes
  • Implement a WebFont Strategy
  • Improve TTFB
  • Real-User Web Vitals Monitoring

Extended WordPress PageSpeed service

Fix advanced  & critical pagespeed issues
  • Fix render blocking CSS
  • Add Critical CSS
  • Fix render blocking JavaScript
  • Improve image size + lazy loading
  • Lazy load iframes
  • Implement a WebFont Strategy
  • Improve TTFB
  • Real-User Web Vitals Monitoring
  • Speed up recurring visitors
  • Fix up to 5 template files
  • Fix up to 10 example Pages
  • Advanced pagespeed optimization
  • Advanced Report

WordPress Developer support

I will work with your developers and fix the Core Web Vitals
  • Fix Core Web Vital issues
  • Technical support
  • Second opinion
  • Supervision of implementation
  • RUM analytics & Management reporting

I would love to hear about your pagespeed goals.

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lighthouse 100 score

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A small sample of companies I helped improve

Will you make the changes for us?

Yes, that is exactly what I do. I will make the improvements for you and fix the Core Web Vitals of your WordPress site.

Will you install plugins?

Yes, I will probably install 2 plugins. The first is my own custom plugin that I use to optimize the site. The second plugin is a plugin that converts slow image formats to newer image formats. The advantage of using a plugin is that plugins can be easily updates and even disabled if for some reason something happens.

I heard that plugins will slow down a WordPress site. Is that true?

That depends, plugins that add visual features to a page (for example social buttons or a contact form) by definition slow down a page. That is why I will never add visual functionality to a page. The only plugins that I will use improve the Critical Rendering Path by re-prioritizing the components on a page.

Will you promise a 'green' lighthouse score?

Great questions, no I will not although I usually do get 95+ scores. Stay as far away as possible from anyone who promises you green scores. Lighthouse scored can easily be manipulated and faked. I see this happening every day. The lighthouse/lab scores will improve while the Real User Metrics as measured in Google Seach Console will worsen. This will lead to less Google traffic and a lower conversion rate.
I will optimize as far as is possible without compromising the UX and I will explain any choice I make where I choose not to do an optimization (and show you what happens if I do)

Can you improve our server settings?

Yes! Some pagespeed issues are fixed changing server settings. Consider, for example, using optimized server settings  (compression, http3, server headers, brwoser caching (yes, that is a server setting)), tuning the webserver the web server for faster response, tuning the database for faster data fetching or tuning the backend (PHP, Node) for faster throughput. I can help with server side caching, automatic image optimization and much more . 

What do you need to get started?

I will need full access to your wp-admin dashboard and full file access either through ftp or sftp. I prefer to work on a staging enviroment. If you do not have a staging enviroment I can set one up for you at a small fee.

How long does pagespeed optimization take?

The Essential WordPress PageSpeed service will take me about a day. When I am done I will ask you to inspect the results and explain why I have chose to optimize the different parts of your site the way I did. I might show you some alternative solutions that might be faster but also impact the UX. The choice will be yours!  

Can you fix any site?

I can improve any site, there is no doubt about that, Unfortunately in rare cases some sites are as I call them 'slow by design'. That means design choices have been made that are always going to slow down your page. For example: AJAX content, JavaScript masonry Grids (like pinterest). Those elements might, in some cases, make it impossible to get the score you are hoping for.
I will check this beforehand and be honest and clear about this before I get started. I might advice a partial redesign of certain elements before I get started.

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